Book Tour: Cancel the Wedding by Carolyn Dingman

Cancel the wedding written by Carolyn T. Dingman was a beautifully written book about Olivia who goes on an adventure to “discover the secrets of her mother’s hidden past—and to confront her own uncertain future” (Synopsis). Find out what I thought about this beautifully written book below.

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Book Tour: The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich


I have always heard really good things about Stephanie Evanovich’s Big Girl Panties, and I had been meaning to read the book for a while, but never got around to it. I saw TLC Book Tours offering The Sweet Spot as a book tour and I knew I immediately wanted to be on the tour. See what I thought of Stephanie Evanovich’s The Sweet Spot below!

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Book Tour: The Curiosity by Stephen P. Kiernan

How could you say no to a book that claims to be “Michael Crichton meets The Time Traveler’s Wife”? I mean a book that is a “powerful debut novel in which a man, frozen in the Arctic ice for more than a century, awakens in the present day” sounds so amazing that I just had to read it. Find out what I thought about this book below!

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Sad but good news

I am sure some of you have noticed that I have been MIA lately. I recently got a position within a company that demands a lot more of my time than I before and so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I had been before. I also haven’t gotten into the swing of finding time to read, so I haven’t really had that much to blog about anyways. I am definitely not going to shut down this blog entirely, I just won’t be as active on it, on goodreads, twitter or on my facebook. I am still planning on reading but it won’t be as much as I had been before. I definitely won’t be able to finish my June TBR pile, but will keep it as my July TBR. I’m hoping to still participate in some of the read-a-longs; right now I’m hoping to continue participating in Booktube Reading Buddies on Goodreads and also in the #SummerofLOTR. I will also still be posting some Book Tours occasionally.

This is an exciting opportunity for me so I’m glad I am able to pursue it, I just wish I was also able to read and blog as much as I was before. I’m sure once I get established in the role (and change my hours slightly) I will have more time to read and blog.

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Book Tour: Girls On Fire Boxed Set by Various Authors







How can you refuse a collection of books written by various females authors and that feature kick-butt heroines?!? I took one look at the list of author’s and books that were included in this boxed set and I knew I had to read it- and I am so glad I did. Mind you, while I am writing this review I have only read 2 of the books fully, but if those 2 are amazing, what’s to say the others aren’t?! This is a great value for all these books!

Girls on Fire


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Book Tour: Closed Doors by Lisa O’Donnell

When I first read the summary for this book I was instantly attracted to it and wanted to be included on the book tour. Then with lines such as “There are no strangers in Rothesay, Michael. Everyone knows who you are and always will. It’s a blessing but it’s also a curse.” and “Lies make people happy, I think, and that’s why people tell them, not to hurt or anger anyone, but to keep them safe from the truth…” I know this was going to be an interesting book. Find out what I thought of this book below!

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Book Tour: The Lens and the Looker by Lory Kaufman

The Verona Trilogy


Imagine that you were a troublesome youth and the way you were dealt with was that you were sent to a History Camp. What’s a History Camp you ask? Well, it’s a camp where people from your time recreate the past. You could be sent to WWI in Germany or to 1900 in Spain. You have to live in this new world and do what your elders tell you until they are satisfied. It’s a very different world than yours- how do you cope?  Continue reading