Four Sparks Fall

Four Sparks Fall


Title: Four Sparks Fall
Author: T.A. Noonan
Publisher: CCLaP Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Coming of Age

4 hippos

(from Goodreads):
Sixteen-year-old May Florence is a budding poet who is about to join Louisiana’s most elite boarding school. Her brilliant but reserved twin sister, Susanna, isn’t. But the truth is, they’ve been drifting apart for some time, their relationship barely sustained by shared friendships and mutual envy. Now, as Susanna watches May prepare to leave her behind, she must reconcile what she thinks she knows about herself and her sister with the secrets they’ve been keeping from one another — or risk losing her closest friend forever. four sparks fall is the story of two young adults searching for love and acceptance in Baton Rouge, a city as complex as the people who inhabit it. At once confessional and speculative, analytical and numinous, T.A. Noonan’s debut novella is an affecting coming-of-age story for readers of all ages

My Thoughts:
T.A. Noonan did an amazing job with this novella. It was cute and realistic. The story is told from three different perspectives- Susanna, May and May’s diary. All three are interwoven into the pages and are not separated by chapters, but you can distinctly tell what perspective you are getting because the font is different. I think this was really well done and a neat thing to do. Usually when we read novels we only get one perspective and often wonder how the other characters would respond, or what they think. In this novella, we get to see how Susanna feels, how May feels, and what May had been thinking during previous events.

The characters- Susanna and May- are easy to relate to. They are going through high school and are thinking about the future. They have to deal with boyfriends, illness, friends, and growing apart. I remember when I was going through high school and remember thinking some of the exact same things they thought- “I wish I could just cut the fat off my body” (as said by May). They both are going through a period in their lives that makes them question a lot and they feel that they do not have anyone to turn to- not even each other.  Each sister is jealous of the other, but neither says anything- I’m sure most siblings can relate to this. I’m often jealous of my brother because he is always seen as the more ‘academically inclined’ one… I’m sure there are things he is jealous of me about.

I absolutely loved this novella and finished it in one sitting. It was very well written and brought me back to when I was in high school and having to deal with a lot of the same issues these two girls had to deal with. Its a great book for young adults, even though there is some foul language and sexuality. I would definitely read another novella by T.A. Noonan.


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