Book Tour: The Cheesecake Queen by Miranda Koerner

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Book Tour: Deviltry Afoot by Carol Pritt


Deviltry-AfootTitle: Deviltry Afoot 
Author: Carol Pritt 
Publisher: Infinity Publishing 
Genre: Paranormal; Occult 
Pages: 210 

Seeking justice for her daughters murder Tina must seek answers in the supernatural realm. Terror is spreading over Pendale. Love is pitted against a dreadful force.




Deep into an uneasy dream Tina’s face was twisted in consternation.
Dan hadn’t stayed over this evening. She’d told him she needed time to gather strength and come to grips with what lay ahead.
He’d looked hurt. She knew he could not understand her need to be alone at such a time.
He offered to sit up with her all night.
She told him she was wrung out; she would be able to sleep a bit.
She longed to fall into unconsciousness and to block all thought.
Her bedroom felt airless.
The little clock on her nightstand seemed to have a very loud tick tonight. The dials revealed it to be 1:00 pm.
Still asleep Tina shifted her weight to lie on her back.
Her heavy cotton nightgown became bunched up under the small of her back.
Suddenly she brought up her hands folding them over her chest in the position that the dead are laid out.
Beads of sweat broke out on her face, although the temperature in her room was a cool sixty-four degrees.
She was carrying groceries to her car in a dark parking lot.
Behind her there was a small convenience store. It was lit up. The buildings light stopped at the front of the building.
Tina tossed her bag of groceries into the passenger side of the seat. Just as she lifted her leg to get in behind the wheel she thought of her mother. She’d yell up a storm if she could see her now. As a teen Tina was lectured countless times about getting into a car alone. First check out the back seat to make sure no one was lurking there, she could still her mom stress.
Tina sat her leg back down on the pavement. She opened the back door. All clear.
She slid into the front seat closing her door and rolling down her window most of the way.
Glancing out her open window she began to shake all over.
Two hands with long tapered fingers suddenly grasp the window!
As if in slow motion a hooded figure raised itself!
Her door was flung open wide.
It pushed her backward sending her sprawling across the seat.
She was immobile from fear.
The thing lowered itself to her feet.
It covered her with its form inch by inch.
Its dark cloak was spread wide to enfold her completely.
Her heart thumped so hard she felt ready to pass out praying she would.
It was up to her head now.
Tina was so cold it was as if she were entombed within a block of ice
The smell of decay surrounding her was so rank she couldn’t catch a good breath.
The hood slipped back a bit. She couldn’t decipher its features clearly. She could only make out black pinpoint eyes.
Drool oozed from its mouth. A great gob of spittle plunked down on her forehead.
She let out a scream.
She thought she’d cried out, and awoken.
It was actually only phase two.
Still dreaming she thanked the Lord that it was only a nightmare.
Lights flickered from the traffic through her drapes.
Something in the room didn’t feel right.
The sheet was shifting downward of its own accord.
Two hands grasp the foot of the bed as a cloaked figure crawled up and over her!
She surrendered herself up to it.
She was entirely passive until sirens from a passing rescue unit brought her to an actual waking state ending her ordeal.
Rest would elude her the remainder of the night. She sighed and got up from the bed.
First light would signal the start of her greatest trial.
She must commend her only offspring to eternal rest.

About the Author:
Carol Pritt lives in the northeast with her family. She has two Associate degrees, one in Liberal Arts, and the other in Journalism from the local community college. Ms. Pritt enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her pets. This is her first novel.

Author Links:
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Cover Reveal: Music Box (Dollhouse #4) by Anya Allyn

Music Box cover reveal Nov 26

Title: Music Box (Dollhouse #4)
Author: Anya Allyn
Release Date: Fall 2013

Book 4 Music Box 654 x 1000

Book Summary:
Final book of the series.

Cassie endures her darkest days under the rule of Balthazar. She finds a passage into the high tower, and comes face to face with the shadowy being whose presence has haunted her since her first days at the castle of La Falaise – and she makes an immense and horrifying discovery.

At the museum, the last survivors of a bleak existence are barely holding on. And the strange Order of Sister Celia make a chilling decision.

Someone very close to Ethan once told him, “When we can fight, we will fight, and when we can no longer fight, we will endure.”

With time running out, it is time to fight.


About the Author:
anya allyn
Anya Allyn was born unexpectedly and without proper instructions.

A dreamy girl betwixt the clouds and space, she was given the thing she desired most for her tenth birthday–a microscope–and subsequently developed a penchant for small things: frogs and ants and microbes, and the earth (when viewed from other planets).

She considers a mind and body that do not roam free are the living dead.

Anya lives in a cottage by the sea–and slips in and out of forests and through a day, where the wild things are ….

She has four adventure-seeking boys and a bookcase filled with adventures. One day soon, she plans to head off on adventures of her own…

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Review: Dance with Me by Billie Bierer


Title: Dance With Me 
Author: Billie Bierer
Publisher: Telemachus Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary 
Pages: 416 pages 
Obtained from: Received from Author in exchange for an honest review 

3.5 hippos 
out of  5 hippos

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
Charlie (Charlotte) Rossi’s only inheritance from her estranged Uncle Mike is Run for the Roses, a stallion her deceased uncle claims is magic. Though what Charlie finds when she visits her horse is veterinarian Dr. Wade Phillips and his mesmerizingly blue eyes.

Within weeks, Charlie purchases a ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona, quits her advertising job, sells the New York condo, and heads west in her little BMW convertible. Roses-now heartier and some how younger looking-anxiously awaits her arrival at Wade Phillips’ veterinary stables.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s cousin, Tony Lambini-aka the short dude from New York and the sorriest Mafia member ever-plots to steal Roses. While tailing Cousin Charlie cross country, Tony gains a hitchhiker, Chief Flying Eagle, who demands Tony take him to his reservation in Phoenix.

In New Mexico, Charlie picks up Bluebird Smith, an eighteen-year-old Apache running away heading to California with her Great Dane, Tiny. Charlie’s plans sound like adventure to Bluebird and she detours her life to Cave Creek and takes up residence with Charlie in her quaint-but-somewhat-cramped apartment above a barn.

Once in Phoenix, Tony makes his move for Charlie’s magical horse, with the “help” of the chief’s nephew, Mad Coyote Joe.

Charlie has more than Cousin Tony to worry about when she falls under the “spell” of cowboy and woman-chaser, Jeff Olsen. Jeff’s spell includes dumping her friends and her responsibilities to Roses for dance halls and two-stepping. Charlie’s fun-filled nights carry a price and her magical stallion begins to age once again. She is reminded that if she fails to choose the right man, Roses will die. And Doctor Wade Phillips decides he’s had enough of Jeff Olsen.

My Thoughts:
This book was a very fun, good read. It took a while to get into the book, I found the first few chapters dragged on a bit, but after establishing the characters and getting a sense for the book, it took off and was fun and adventure packed. I really enjoyed reading about Charlie and felt like I could connect with her really well. The writing style was great and fun. The book was full of twists and turns you didn’t really see coming. 

The characters were a lot of fun and you could connect with them (except for Jeff Olsen because he was just plain URGH!). Charlie’s character was a lot of fun and seemed to make sensible decisions for herself. It was great getting to know her and going on an adventure with her.

I fell in love with Wade Phillips- he was such a gentleman and we really don’t have many of those these days (I mean what guy gets two rooms when he wants to stay over at a hotel with a girl?!). He was sensitive and loving and just wanted to best for Charlie and for Roses.

Cousin Tony is a bit of a nuisance at the beginning, and you just want him to go away, but by the end of the book, you kind of love him. Rita is an awesome friend, and I was sad when she kind of disappeared during the novel and only made small appearances. I felt like she would have been a good character to expand and include more of in the novel.

Jeff Olsen. I really don’t know what to say about him. I hated him from the beginning- mostly because of his view of women as a commodity (I HATE it when guys do this!). I thought he added a lot to the book, but I was kind of annoyed because it wasn’t really explained as to why he was doing some of the things he was doing. I wanted to know why he did what he did and what he was trying to gain from it- but it wasn’t explained.

Overall, this book was a really nice read. It was fun, humorous and romantic. This is a great book to curl up with on the coach with a blanket and a hot chocolate during the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Book Blitz: Reap by Christina Channelle

reap banner final

Reap Book CoverTitle: Reap
Author: Christina Channelle
Release Date: October 11, 2013

Synopsis from Goodreads: 
Foreign, or rather unfamiliar, would be the word I would use to describe how I felt.

Faintly, I could hear the glimmer of voices surrounding me in this dark haze, caressing my ears like skin against silk. I felt like I was in a cocoon of sorts, protectively enveloped, quietly drifting in some far-off place. I wanted to stay that way forever.

But we all know that what you want never really seems to happen in the real world.

Something’s not right in Mia’s head.

The first thing is that her name isn’t Mia. In fact, she has no clue what her name is—who she is. All that she knows is that she’s not like the ones who found her: Dante with his kind blue eyes, Amy with her child-like demeanor, James with his questioning gaze.

And Briggs.

The one she cannot decipher no matter how hard she tries.

As Mia tries to fit in with these people, a strange occurrence is amidst outside. And as she finally remembers who she is …  Well, let’s just say that things get a little more complicated.

(YA Paranormal Romance Novella)


Buy Links: $0.99!

Character Interview: Amy Nolan

Christina: Alright, guys! Another day, another interview. Today I bring in the lovely Amy Nolan. She busted free from the confines of her apartment building, courtesy of three brawny dudes, and she’s here to chat with us. Hi, Amy!

Amy: Hi! Sooooo happy to be here. I can’t even contain myself.

Christina: I can see that, Amy. You can’t seem to sit still.

Amy: Sorry.

Christina: That’s okay. No need to pout. Let’s get on with some questions, the very reason you’re here. People want to get to know a bit about you.

Amy: That’s amazing, I love people! Ask away, ask away.

Christina: Okay. Let’s start easy. What’s your favorite color?

Amy: Pink, of course. Every shade imaginable.

Christina: How about music?

Amy: I love Adele, Christina (you and her have the same name, you know) and Florence (everybody should love Florence). Oh, and Maroon 5. That Adam is dreamy…

Christina: That he is. What about your favorite show?

Amy: Glee! The Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Basically anything that involves love and singing.

Christina: Twilight or Vampire Diaries?

Amy: Twilight! They’re so much friendlier, don’t you think?

Christina: Right, Amy, dear. I hear you like to bake and made a business out of it. What’s your favorite cupcake?

Amy: Oh, that’s easy. Vanilla cupcake with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts, topped with coconut shavings. Mmm, I want one right now…

Christina: I’m right there with you on that. How about you make some when you’re done?

Amy: I would love to.

Christina: Yum … I mean, great! Next question: What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

Amy: My choker, of course. It’s a gift from my wonderful friend, James. He’s a dreamboat, let me tell you.

Christina: I bet he is. Dog lover or cat lover?

Amy: Kittens! They are the cutest thing ever. I met a girl with eyes just like a kitten’s. I even named her. Mia. Sounds almost like, meow.

Christina: You named a … girl?

Amy: Yeah. I know, sounds crazy. But it’s a long story.

Christina: Right. Well, that seems to be all the questions I have for you today. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Amy: Can I do it again sometimes? I can even bring Dante and James. I don’t know about Briggs though.

Christina: Absolutely, Amy. Wait! Before you go, about those cupcakes…

Teaser Tuesday #1

About the Author:
A dreamer, Christina Channelle holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing up a new story on her computer. When not writing, Christina spends her free time at the movies, listening to music, or eating sushi. She’s a reality TV junkie and has a close relationship with many characters on TV that have been a topic of many heated discussions among friends. She resides in Ontario, Canada.

Books by Christina Channelle:
Blood Crave Series:
Fallen Tears, A Blood Crave Novella

Novellas/Short Stories
Dealing With It
Those Four Letter Words

For more information, visit Christina at:


3 – Ebooks of Reap with bookmark (INT)

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Book Tour: Between Boyfriends by Sarka-Jonae Miller


boyfriendsTitle: Between Boyfriends
Author: Sarka-Jonae Miller

At first glance, twenty-one-year-old Jan Weston has it all: a gorgeous boyfriend, fun friends, and wealthy parents who take care of all those pesky credit card bills.
Then her boyfriend dumps her, her friendships fall apart, and her parents cut her off. Suddenly without money, without a man, and without a plan, it’s time for Jan to grow up.
Determined to get her life back on track, Jan decides it’s time to make it on her own. Can she find her way as a single lady in San Diego? Can she fix her friendships, her job prospects, and her hair? And can she keep her vow that she’ll never date again, even after she meets a guy who just might be perfect for her?

BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS is a sexy, hilarious story of living life, finding love, and growing up… but not necessarily in that order.

Book Links: 
Goodreads   |   Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble   |  iTunes

My Thoughts:
Although I thought this was a good book, I had a difficult time relating to the main character-Jan. I’m not sure if it was her personality or the way she reacted to certain events, but I just wanted to slap her and say wake up! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t feel sorry for her during the novel- to me it just didn’t matter. I was glad at the end when she finally learned to stand on her own two feet. The book was very well written and gives a good account of Jan’s life as a juvenile girl. It’s an easy read and would probably be enjoyed by many even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the book.

Overall, I would give this book 3 out of 5 hippos.

About the Author:
Sárka-Jonae Miller is a novelist and freelance health writer. She has more than 4,000 articles published on topics such as fitness, sports, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, travel, spirituality, and natural health. Her work has appeared on websites such as,,, and, as well as in the “Post-Standard” newspaper and both the New York and Washington Home & Garden online magazines. Sárka-Jonae  is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She is as a former personal fitness trainer and massage therapist. She is also an avid traveler, having spent time in Costa Rica, Canada, England, Mexico, and Paradise Island. She has also been to France and Thailand researching her next books. She lives in San Diego with a menagerie, including two cats, two dogs and a horse.

Author Links:

Book Blitz: Fighting for the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux

Fighting For the Edge banner

FightingfortheEdge 500x750Title: Fighting for the Edge (Edge #3)
Author: Jennifer Comeaux
Release Date: November 5, 2013

Summary from Goodreads: 
Two friends. Two dreams. One night that changes everything…

Ice dancer Aubrey London scoffs at romance. She’s focused on winning a medal at the upcoming Olympics and uses that as her excuse to avoid serious relationships. But when she and longtime friend Chris Grayden are thrown together by unforeseen circumstances, Aubrey finds herself questioning everything she’s ever known about love, complicating her life both on and off the ice.

Pairs skater Emily Petrov embraces romance. She and her husband Sergei still act like honeymooners two years after their wedding. As Emily’s coach, Sergei provides constant support while she prepares to challenge for gold at the Olympics. But Sergei’s support might not be enough to help Emily overcome the one challenge she never saw coming.

With the Games only weeks away, Emily and Aubrey are on the verge of realizing their dreams. But one snowy, stormy night sets in motion a series of events that will test them in ways they never imagined, giving them more to fight for than Olympic medals. 


Buy Links:

Links to books 1 & 2:

 LIFE ON THE EDGE (Edge #1) and EDGE OF THE PAST (Edge #2) are currently on sale for $0.99!

Praise for Jennifer: 

“Jennifer Comeaux puts you in the action, makes you smell the ice and hear the roar of the crowd during the nail-biting competitions, and she’s a master at creating first love jitters in your stomach from the steamy scenes that are so hot without being explicit.” – Christina Jean Michaels, author of Epiphany

“Both touching and suspenseful, Fighting for the Edge is a game changer that will have fans of the series giving both the characters and the author a standing ovation once they’ve turned the very last page. If I could pass out medals, Jennifer would earn gold for writing my favorite romance of all time.” – Jenna at Jenna Does Books

“Bust a Move” had just begun playing, and Chris danced along to the hip-hop rhythm as he closed the space between Aubrey and himself. He set his hands lightly on her hips, and she felt the tingle again. It had been over a month since she’d gone on a date, so she was probably just excited to have the attention. Or maybe it was the wine making her giddy.

Their bodies moved together in time to the music, drifting closer and generating more heat with each beat. Aubrey wrapped her fingers around Chris’s biceps, and he tensed, his fingertips putting more pressure on her hips. She clutched him harder and fought the urge to roam her hands over all his other taut muscles.

In her stiletto heels she wasn’t much shorter than Chris, so she had a prime view of his smile, which never left his face. She couldn’t stop smiling either. She hadn’t felt this kind of energy in a long time. Or possibly ever.

About the Author: 
jennifer cJennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by day, writer by night. There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana, but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating. One of her favorite pastimes is travelling to competitions, where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing. Jennifer loves to hear from readers! Visit for contact information and to learn more about her books.

Author Links:

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Book Blast: DOGSCHWITZ by Kim Cano

Inline image 1

Displaying Small.JPGTitle: DOGSCHWITZ 
Author: Kim Cano

When a basset hound named Rory survives the animal control gas chamber and becomes an internet celebrity, he attracts the attention of Anita, a just-dumped-by-her-boyfriend, luckless burger flipper, who travels cross country to adopt him.

Spurred by an online group called Animal Warriors, Anita then embarks on a mission to improve animal rights. Along the way, Rory brings Anita true love and financial success through a chance encounter with America’s 1%, proving her spontaneous rescue of Rory was the best decision of her life.

Book Link: Goodreads

About the Author: 
Displaying CopyofPicture.jpgKim Cano is the author of For Animal Lovers, a short story collection for kids ages 9 to 12. It also appeals to adult readers who are young at heart. 10% of the sale price is donated to the ASPCA® to help homeless pets.

A Widow Redefined is Kim’s debut novel. It’s a story of a young woman’s journey through grief and the transformational power of friendship.

Kim’s most recent book is Dogschwitz. A novellete set in the future that explores the terrible time in American history when millions of unwanted dogs and cats were euthanized each year.

Kim lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and cat.