End of the Year 2013 Read-A-Thon


I know that I’m already crazy with the number of books I have chosen to read these last few months, but I have now decided to participate in a new Readathon put on by Jenny from Juliababyjen’s Reading Room and Dana from DanaSquare.

The Read-a-Thon goes from December 9th to December 22nd.

I decided I should enter because I really want to support these two with their first read-a-thon and also because I have a number of books on my TBR pile and I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy more until at least half of them are read.

Why should you participate? Well,
(1) To decrease that ever growing TBR pile of yours
(2) Do the fun challenges and win some awesome prizes
(3) Encourage others to read like a speed demon (and yourself) + reading with others is loads of fun.

Requirements of the Read-a-Thon:
You must post a Sign Up Post (and Link it on their Signup Page)
Must have their graphic displayed
Link to their blogs
Name and dates of the read-a-thon
Any personal goals (optional)
You can put up your posts on your blog, Tumblr, or Youtube (if you don’t have a blog)

To contact the hosts, use the following emails:

Here are the challenges you can look forward to:
Dec 9- TBR Challenge (Host by Jen)
Dec 10- Teaser Challenge (Host by ME!)
Dec 11- Top Ten Books You Read in 2013 (Hosted by Jessica @Let Me Tell You a Story)
Dec 12- Spine Poetry
Dec 13- Favourite Book-to-Movie Release in 2013
Dec 14- Seasonal Challenge
Dec 15- Twitter Synopsis Challenge
Dec 16- Movie Cast Challenge
Dec 17- Song Challenge
Dec 18- Post a Review Challenge
Dec 19- Spine Poetry
Dec 20- Spell It Out Challenge
Dec 21- Most Anticipated 2013 Releases
Dec 22- Wrap Up Post (Hosted by Dana)

**They are still looking for challenge hosts so if you are interested, all the info can be found HERE**

This is the perfect opportunity to get through at least some of your TBR pile before you get even more books for Christmas (or Hanukah or anything else you celebrate)!!!!

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