Review: Starlet’s Web by Carla J. Hanna

Starlet's Web (The Starlet, #1)

Title: Starlet’s Web (The Starlet Series #1)
Author: Carla J. Hanna 
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Young Adult; Romance 
Pages: 304 pages 
Obtained from: Received from author in exchange for an honest review 

3.5 hippos 
out of  5 hippos

Synopsis (from Goodreads):
A-list actress, 17-year-old Liana Marie Michael struggles to find herself when Hollywood’s obsession with youth and power threatens to destroy her future. Used to talking and thinking in scripts, can Lia find her own voice? Can she and a Latino Tim Tebow overcome Hollywood’s web of lies?

Liana is dating Hollywood’s hottest heartthrob while filming her seventh motion picture with sexy co-star Byron. Surrounded by a culture of casual sex and adult responsibilities, Lia feels lost and confused. With her film soon to wrap, her acting contracts up for renewal, her high school graduation looming and growing tension between her and smart student athlete, Manuel, life feels overwhelming. Will Lia find the courage to share her love for Manuel, a guy unimpressed with Hollywood? In the eternal quest for youth, what life-shattering secrets has Lia’s mom been keeping from her? Can Manuel accept Lia’s role?

STARLET’S WEB is not only a love story. With fast-paced narrative that reflects Hollywood’s hyper-drive lifestyle, Ms. Hanna transports the reader into an actor’s daily life and demonstrates how difficult it is for young adults to break free from a path created by someone else – even when it is a successful one.

My Thoughts:
Everyone believes that being a celebrity is THE LIFE- you have the money, you can date the gorgeous guys, you get to be in movies… what could be better? No one truly understands the hardship it is to be a movie star, especially today when weight and looks are so important (In the movie industry, in real life does anyone REALLY care?!) This book is a light read that gives you some insight into the life of a teen star. 

Liana Marie Michael’s character is so easy to relate to. Your heart breaks for her and she experiences the ups and downs of being a teen, and as she decides what is the most important thing to her and her life at this particular time. I thought the fight with herself about having sex for the first time was one that every young girl goes through- I’m so happy she made the decision that she did, especially since this isn’t one that we hear about in books or movies often.

I thought the title was clever- the author constantly brings up the imagery of webs throughout the book, especially the fact that Liana Marie is stuck in the web of Hollywood.

Overall this book was good. It talks a lot about some of the factors faced by young girls and about the unseen side of Hollywood life. I enjoyed the book and think others would too!


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