Dreamy December Days (Updates Day #4 and Challenge #5)

dreamy december days


I finally had a day when I was able to just sit and read and didn’t have to worry about work! I managed to finish The Friday Edition and read a few pages of Sweetly. I was then going to pick up The Silent Wife, but decided it was probably time for bed since I had to get up at 6 am this morning (YUCK!) I think I’ll have some time this evening to read, so hopefully I can put a big dent in The Silent Wife.

I have been participating in the challenges and reading the interviews. I’ve also been visiting some other people’s blogs and am very impressed with the progress so far! It’s kind of bad visiting other blogs though because then I start to increase my TBR list!!!! NOT GOOD!


So this is my first time doing spine poetry, but I gave it a good old college try! Forgive me for the goofiness, it’s the best I could do when I got home late tonight!



Nicholas Nickleby, dance with me under magnolia,
Quiet…. My name is memory.
The map of time…
Point of retreat….
One hundred years of solitude,
Reflected in you.

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