Book Tour: Men and Martinis by Delancey Stewart

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Men and Martinis (Girlfriends of Gotham #1)Title: Men and Martinis
Author: Delancey Stewart 
Publisher: Swoon Romance 
Genre: Chick Lit; New Adult 


Candace Kanie wins at every game she plays. From the boardroom to the bar, she’s confident, clever, perhaps just a tad overbearing. It’s not easy for a girl like Candace to admit that love may be the one game she can’t win…at least not until she’s willing to change her strategy. In Men and Martinis, Candace Kanie will learn that sometimes to be at the top of your game, you have to hit rock bottom.

Men and Martinis is the first release in Delancey Stewart’s series “Girlfriends of Gotham” – a voyeuristic voyage through the lives of a group of twenty-something girls who dance, date, and drink their way through Manhattan during the days of the dot com boom. During an era when the up-and-comers in New York were partying like Studio 54 had never died, this group of friends discovers that the city is theirs for the taking; and they find their often-hilarious way through the forces that work to redefine the way they know themselves and each other.

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About the Author: 

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I’m not big on labels, but there are a few that fit me (not necessarily in this order. Or maybe in

this order):

– wine drinker (and wine geek)

– mother of small boys

– military spouse

– writer

– chocolate eater

I’ve written the Wine Country Romance Series, which ties my love of wine to my love of falling in love… and the Girlfriends of Gotham series, which begins publishing with Swoon Romance in December 2013.

I also love short stories, and my themed collection (all set in the same NYC brownstone across the span of a century) published in 2012.

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My Thoughts:

If you are looking for a cute book to read this holiday season then definitely pick up Men and Martinis by Delnacey Stewart! I always love stories that take on two different perspectives- it really adds to the story and helps you see the “big picture”. The characters in this book were great and easy to relate to. They were also really easy to admire, even though they were struggling to make themselves a success. This book is all about friendship and and love- something all of us try to find. 


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