Review: In the Light of the Eclipse by Bryan Caron

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to participate in a blog tour with Fire and Ice Book Tours for Bryan Caron’s book In the Light of the Eclipse. I don’t know if it was because I was busy making exams or if it was because I was going away on vacation, but I somehow forgot to post my review of the book- OPPS! Oh well, better late than never! So without further ado, my review of In The Light of The Eclipse. 

In the Light of the Eclipse

Title: In the Light of the Eclipse
Author: Bryan Caron
Publisher: Divine Trinity Films
Pages: 318
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance




Where God so loved the world, Heather (or as few have dared to dub her “the goddess of condemnation”) holds a much crueler hand over her inhabitants. Every seventeen years, under her ever-watchful eye, an eclipse renders her land dark, taking the soul of everyone over the age of seventeen to the land of the unknown nothing. In its wake, Heather bestows the gift of a child upon the land. Some believe this child has special powers; others believe she inhabits the souls taken by the eclipse. But no matter the belief, one thing is certain—without the child, the land would crumble.

Most accept the eclipse and live every breath with a love unmatched by any other. This is especially true of Zoe, whose seventeenth year of breath nears ever so close. Born under the eclipse, Zoe understands her life is a gift and that she will return that gift in kind—whenever that day may be (that is until she falls in love and discovers the dark secrets hidden in the heart of Heather).

Still others yearn for a longer life and curse Heather’s name. One such person was branded the name Kayla on her day of breath eighteen years ago. Unable to comprehend the meaning of such viciousness, Kayla believes such a sacrifice is unnecessary, even for the worst of mankind. Little does she know that a mysterious traveler may hold the key to ending the eclipse forever.

Zoe and Kayla are best friends.

This is their story.

My Thoughts:
This novel is a dystopian novel involving a female “God” named Heather. It centers around two best friends, Zoe and Kayla. It was interesting to read the chapters as you learned more about both young women. The book has a way of sucking you into the story and not letting go. You really don’t know where the book is going as you read through the book. The novel is very creative and well written. It combines a story about love and friendship. The characters are easy to relate to and very enjoyable to read about. It certainly is about a different world than the one we live in, one that is worth reading about!


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