#BoutofBook 9.0 Read-a-thon Update and Challenges

I am so surprised at how I can find so much time to read while doing a read-a-thon, but when there is no read-a-thon, I seem to be busier than a beaver making his house (wow what a Canadian thing to say!). Anyways, I am pretty satisfied with my book count so far… I don’t think I’m going to reach my goal because I chose a thicker book to read (since its for book club) and so definitely won’t be finishing it. It doesn’t help that I am going to a New Years Party (Ukrainian New Years is on January 14, but we like to party and so have “New Year’s Parties” almost every weekend in January) and so will not have this evening to read or tomorrow morning. On to the update and challenge entry!


Number of pages I’ve read today:
159 pages of An Abundance of Katherines + 25 pages of The Book of Lost Things =
184 pages
Total number of pages I’ve read to date:
1,086 pages + 184 pages =
1,270 pages
Number of books I’ve read today
Total number of books I’ve read to date:
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas; Vortex; Allegiant; An Abundance of Katherines


Book Staging

(Hosted by Midnight Book Girl)

The Challenge: You know how real estate agents will stage an apartment to attract potential buyers?  Well, that’s what you’re going to do to a book!

Rules:  Take a picture of a book you’re reading today, or any book you have lying around.  In the picture you should have the book in a setting, or surrounded by items, that represent the book.  It can mimic the cover, or represent characters/events/etc from the story.  Basically, make us want to read the book based on picture alone.

My Entry:
The book I am currently reading is The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. I am not very far into the book, but have come across the books talking to David, and the forest near his house. To depict this I picked a stack of my books and drew Speech Bubbles for them and then placed the book on a potted plant so that the leaves hung into the picture. The Speech Bubbles say things like: “Silly Goose!” “David, Read Me!” “You can hear me?!” and “I love reading”.

photo (1)



7 thoughts on “#BoutofBook 9.0 Read-a-thon Update and Challenges

  1. What a clever picture! I read The Book of Lost Things a few years ago and remember really liking it. Good luck with the rest of Bout of Books — looks like you’re doing great!

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