What’s In the Snow: Interview with Emily Liebert (+ Giveaway!)

I couldn’t get enough participating only once in the What’s In the Snow Scavenger Hunt hosted by Read Books and Live Green and Reviews Abound, so I participated a second time. This time I was able to interview the lovely Emily Liebert, author of You Knew Me When. Emily even included a cute picture with her interview- you definitely want to check it out!
Tanya: First of all, I’d like to thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the What’s In the Snow Scavenger Hunt! I hope to make this interview fun and wintery 🙂
Emily: Thank YOU so much!
Tanya: Any special traditions that you and your family do at this time of the year?
Emily: We eat a lot and we open tons of presents! We’re Jewish, so we celebrate Chanukah, but my husband still likes to have a tree and do the Christmas thing too. Mainly we get together with family and relax.
Tanya: What is one gift you are hoping Santa will bring you this year?
Emily: A smooth move to our new house in Connecticut. My wish has been granted so far! Guess I was nice this year 🙂
Tanya: What is the worst present you have ever received?
Emily: There are no bad presents as long as they can be returned! I’m a notorious “exchanger” and, fortunately, my husband knows and understands that.
Tanya: What is the best present you have ever received?
Emily: A pair of diamond earrings from my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time! Clearly, those helped him achieve husband status!!
Tanya: There is a severe ice storm and it is absolutely impossible to go anywhere. What do you do while stuck at home?
Emily: Play with my kids, cook, read, watch lots of reality TV!
Tanya: Do you have any general or “bookish” resolutions for 2014?
Emily: I need to write my third and fourth novels! And copy edit my second novel, WHEN WE FALL, which comes out in September 2014.
Tanya: I’m sure all of us are eagerly waiting for When We Fall!!
Tanya: What is your favorite holiday food? What about favorite holiday dessert?
Emily: Stuffing. Hands down. And, for dessert, I’m partial to pecan pie.
Tanya: Rudolph has decided that he is tired of everyone singing about him and constantly commenting on his red nose, he is on strike. How do you help save Christmas?
Emily: I send our dog Loonie in his place and let Rudolph take a year off chillin’ at our house.
Tanya: Thanks to the movie The Santa Clause, we now know that if Santa falls of your chimney, he “dies” as Santa. In order for Santa to continue living, someone must put on his coat. Santa has just fallen off of your roof, do you put on the coat? Why or why not?
Emily: Of course! Santa must live!!
Tanya: Everyone has one, can you share a picture of you in your ugliest Christmas sweater with your fans?
Emily: Um, sorry. I don’t do ugly sweaters. Though I’m happy to share another photo if you’d like!
Tanya: Thanks so much Emily! I hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!
Clue #5: “He will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow.”–Identify the author.

**Emily Liebert Giveaway **

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**What’s in the Snow Giveaway**

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