Top Eight “Gateway” Books/Authors in My Reading Journey

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic is “Top Ten “Gateway” Books/Authors In My Reading Journey”. This list could include a mix of authors  or books that got you into reading, authors or books that got you into reading genres you never thought you’d read, or authors or books that brought you back into reading.

I have a wide mix of my Top Ten “Gateway” Books/Authors in my reading journey. I was a huge reader when I was reading and there are three main authors who helped me start my reading journey. Once I hit high school, I stopped reading and concentrated on school, boys,dance, boys, my friends, boys… My “non reading” days continued until recently. Now, I’m an avid reader who just can’t get enough. I read all different types of books and genres and find that I like the vast majority of them.

I’ve divided my top ten into 3 categories: (1) Authors/Books who helped me START my reading journey; (2) Authors/Books that got me back into reading and (3) Authors/Books that got me into reading genres I never thought I’d read.

Authors/Books who helped me start my reading journey

Judy Blume

Judy Blume

The number one author who got me hooked on reading in the first place has to be Judy Blume. I absolutely LOVED her books and thought that each one was awesome. Her story lines really spoke to me, and I enjoyed learning about each of the different characters. My favourite book by Judy Blume had to be Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.

the babysitter's club

The Babysitter’s Club also really got me hooked on reading. I really loved finding out what the girls were up to next and where they were headed. These books were a lot of fun to read and I really regret giving a lot of them away!


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was a book that we had to read for class and it was another one that got me hooked on reading. It was such a fun adventure and the imagery was awesome- I dreamed up some pretty interesting looking characters!


the wind in the willows

Although I didn’t read this book myself, I have to include it because my mom read this book to me before bed and it made me really enjoy reading. The story was so much fun and the characters were awesome. I think what made this book the most memorable was the fact that my mom changed her voice for the different characters.

Authors/books that got me back into reading

As I said, I lost my love of reading for quite a few years in favour of other things. The following are authors/books that got me back into reading


This seems like an odd book to list as one that got me back into reading, but after taking a LONG break from reading my friends at school and I decided to start a book club. This was the first book one of the girls chose, and for some inexplicable reason it got me wanting to read more. The book was so well written and just such an amazing story that I had to read more books after finishing this one. I owe my new found love of reading to this book.


After I finished The Book of Negroes my mom told me to pick up Harry Potter. I had been fighting my mom on reading this book for such a long time and I finally gave in. It also helped to renew my love of books. I read the entire series and am so glad that I did. This series is definitely staying on my shelf and will be read to my kids.


Authors/books that got me into reading genres I never thought I’d read


I think I have to list Mistborn as the book that got me really interested in High Fantasy. I used to dabble in the fantasy genre but I was never serious about any books and was just sort of blaze about the entire genre. After reading Mistborn I can’t get enough! I really love the fantasy genre and think that the authors writing in this genre are ridiculously creative!

Great Gatsby

I have to credit the Great Gatsby for igniting my love of classics. I really loved reading about what everyone was wearing and how they acted and just everything about the book made me fall in love. After reading this book I knew I had to read more classics.


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