Review: Mustard’s Last Stand by Kathy McIntosh

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I was contacted by Kathy McIntosh asking if I would be interested in reading her novel Mustard’s Last Stand. The synopsis sounded interested, but I wasn’t too sure so I went onto Goodreads to read some previous reviews (okay the only ones that were there). They seemed positive so I figured I might as well give it a try- you never know what you are going to like (or dislike) until you try. I have to say, this book definitely is interesting…

Mustard’s Last Stand

mustard's last stand

Title:  Mustard’s Last Stand
Author: Kathy McIntosh
Publisher: L & L Dreamspell
Publication Date: September 12, 2012
Format: Paperback, 288 pages
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review


From Goodreads

Can Ed Mustard turn a chaotic stew into a dish that will win the blue ribbon at Hancock Days? Recipe for Disaster-or is it Destiny?-Stew Take: One tiny, cash-strapped, oddball-rich town in North Idaho Add: One struggling screenwriter seeking solace in his hometown, One extra-large mustard jar bearing the cremains of a famous actress, One ex-car salesman turned canned hunt enthusiast, One fake preacher-for-hire/con man on the run, One dedicated and discredited eco-activist, dressed in animal skins, Four determined pregnant women, One crazed pill-popper. Sprinkle with assorted captive African wildlife. Stir thoroughly and let simmer. Slowly mix in one runaway ice cream truck. Watch things boil over in Hancock, Idaho.

About the Author

From Goodreads

Kathy McIntosh

I am an author living in Idaho with two hairy cats, one large, lazy dog and a husband who generally is neither hairy nor lazy. I was born in southern California and was one of the original Valley girls.

Some years back a novel of mine was a finalist in the Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery contest. Which meant, I finally deduced, that I had better grammar than other competitors. That novel remains unpublished.

Last fall Mustard’s Last Stand, my first novel in a humorous suspense series about the offbeat denizens of Hancock, Idaho, was published. The grammar is good, and I hope the humor is, too. The book was created after my environmental activist daughter introduced me to her friend Roadkill. We shared a delightful breakfast. So there is a real-life Roadkill. And he gave me permission to use him in my book.

I write a column on words for the Idaho Statesman’s Business Insider and love to speak about words and their (mis)use. Two of my essays on writing are in the book Eclectic Collage: Collective Works by the Women of the Pixie Chicks’ Writers Group.

Learn more about me and my writing at, where you’ll also find my blog posts.

My Review

This book follows Ed Mustard as he tries to navigate the changes occurring in his hometown of Hancock, Idaho. He not only has to try to help himself, but also his brother Clifford (aka Roadkill) and his friend Gina (who just happens to be pregnant). It was fun watching Ed try to help everyone without letting them know what was actually going on with him. I enjoyed reading about Ed and how much he seemed to care about Hancock, even if he was used to L.A. life. The plot was an interesting one and was actually pretty funny. Clifford was great comic relief- he seemed to always manage to find a way to get himself into a pickle.

Overall, this was a cute and funny story, I liked it but I didn’t love it. I would definitely give this book a try- and keep your eye out for the second novel in the Havoc in Hancock series, Foul Wind, which comes out this spring!

Favourite Quotes 

“Anticipation was half the fun in big game hunting. As in sex. Of course, with sex you usually only scored one trophy. Hunting, sky’s the limit.” (51)

My Rating 

3 hippos out of 5 hippos (3/5)


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