Book Tour: Girls On Fire Boxed Set by Various Authors







How can you refuse a collection of books written by various females authors and that feature kick-butt heroines?!? I took one look at the list of author’s and books that were included in this boxed set and I knew I had to read it- and I am so glad I did. Mind you, while I am writing this review I have only read 2 of the books fully, but if those 2 are amazing, what’s to say the others aren’t?! This is a great value for all these books!

Girls on Fire


I was so excited to see this boxed set of YA Novels from some of the awesomest authors ever! I really enjoy when you are able to get a boxed set or a bind up of several author’s novels all together- it is always nice to have variety and this boxed set allows you exactly that.

I had read Laura Howard’s The Forgotten One before (review here) and really really enjoyed the book. I was so excited to be able to pick up another book by a female author with a kick-butt heroine; and to have an entire collection of them was even better! I read The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan and really loved it- I wanted more. I cannot wait until I can dive back into the rest of these books and read the rest.

If you like books about heroines or if you like fantasy books, then I highly suggest you pick up a copy of this boxed set of books. There are 10 YA novels that offer you a wide variety of topics and you will definitely find at least 2 novels that you like in the set.

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