Sad but good news

I am sure some of you have noticed that I have been MIA lately. I recently got a position within a company that demands a lot more of my time than I before and so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I had been before. I also haven’t gotten into the swing of finding time to read, so I haven’t really had that much to blog about anyways. I am definitely not going to shut down this blog entirely, I just won’t be as active on it, on goodreads, twitter or on my facebook. I am still planning on reading but it won’t be as much as I had been before. I definitely won’t be able to finish my June TBR pile, but will keep it as my July TBR. I’m hoping to still participate in some of the read-a-longs; right now I’m hoping to continue participating in Booktube Reading Buddies on Goodreads and also in the #SummerofLOTR. I will also still be posting some Book Tours occasionally.

This is an exciting opportunity for me so I’m glad I am able to pursue it, I just wish I was also able to read and blog as much as I was before. I’m sure once I get established in the role (and change my hours slightly) I will have more time to read and blog.

Keep reading my friends 🙂

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