I just wanted to take a second to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 brings every joy you could wish for! I look forward to discussing even more books in 2015.

I have seen a number of book bloggers and booktubers doing posts and videos about their 2015 resolutions, and I wrote some out for myself last year and debated about doing it again this year… after much debate I figured I wouldn’t lose anything writing out some resolutions, if I complete them Yay for me, if I don’t- oh well, I’m still reading!

My 2015 Bookish Resolutions: 

(1) To blog 2-3 times a week (at least; which also ties into reviewing more books)

(2) To read 50 books 

(3) To read 5 500+ books 

(4) To read more first time authors (I just finished Zodiac by Romina Russell and I absolutely loved it!) 

(5) To read 6 classics 


What are your bookish resolutions? I always find that when the year starts I have all of these plans and then life gets in the way 😦


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