Book Review: Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother by Hollie Adams

“Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother rocks- like a small boat on an ocean of discontent. Hollie Adams’ debut is inventive, authentic, energetic and so funny I nearly peed myself!” – Cassie Stocks, author of Dance, Gladys, Dance

Find out, what I thought of Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother!

Things You've Inherited From Your Mother

Title: Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother
Author: Hollie Adams
Publisher: NeWest Press
Format: Paperback, 172 pages
Source: Received from TLC Book Tours in exchange for an hones review

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From Goodreads

 Everyone deals with grief in their own personal way. Take Carrie, for example. To get over her mother’s death from ovarian cancer, she launches a passive-aggressive war with her fellow office workers, embarks on a campaign designed to let her ex-husband know she’s over him (which naturally only pushes her teenage daughter farther away), and plots to rid herself of her mother’s overweight cat, all the while consuming heroic quantities of red wine, spiked coffee, and coffin nails. Nobody’s perfect.

Situated at the midpoint between booze-soaked mayhem and middle-aged ennui, Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother is a riotous assemblage of found objects, Choose Your Own Adventure-style in-jokes and useful facts about mice. In her startlingly funny first novel, Hollie Adams takes the conventional wisdom about “likeable” literary heroines and shoves it down an elevator shaft.

About the Author 

Hollie Adams

Hollie Adams is a Windsorite living in Alberta, where she teaches writing and literature. She has studied creative writing at the University of Windsor and has a PhD in English from the University of Calgary. Her writing has been published in several Canadian periodicals including Prairie FireThe Antigonish Review,CarouselThe Windsor Review, and Filling Station, and online at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

Things You’ve Inherited From Your Mother is her first novel.

My Review

This book was absolutely hilarious! It was a fantastic quick read that led to some strange looks for other people on the subway as I giggled, laughed, and almost cried (from laughter). The writing was good, the comic relief- hilarious, and Carrie was just a hoot. I really enjoyed learning about how Carrie deals with grief and how she grew as a character. I absolutely loved the sarcasm of the main character. There were points throughout the story when I wanted to just shake Carrie and ask her “WTF are you doing?!”, but this only added to her charm!

I thought that the random facts and lists added to the story and made it very unique. I loved that Carrie was writing a self-help book within this book.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and the characters. if you are looking for a quick and humorous read, then I highly suggest this book.

I give it:

4 hippos

4 out of 5 Hippos

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