HELLO!!!! I am the Book Loving Hippo. I love to read and talk about books. Other interests of mine include baking, cooking, dancing, going to the theatre. I am currently studying human resources and would LOVE to work in a theatre doing human resources, but right now any job in HR would be fine with me!

I hope you all enjoy my blog.

If you’d like to get in touch with me
Email: booklovinghippo@gmail.com
Twitter: @booklovinghippo
Goodreads: Book Loving Hippo
Instagram: Booklovinghippo

My Rating System:

1 Hippo = Did not enjoy this book, at all.


2 hippos

2 Hippos= This book was okay, but I don’t think I’ll be re-reading it.


3 hippos

3 Hippos= Enjoyed this book, quite a bit, but didn’t love it.


4 hippos

4 Hippos= Really enjoyed this book- I thought it was great!


5 hippos

5 Hippos= Definitely need to read this book! It was awesome!



Love books as much as I do? Be sure to visit the Book depository to find a great new book: http://www.bookdepository.com/?a_aid=booklovinghippo

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